Freak Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel

Carbon Freak – Full Carbon Fiber Barrel

Carbon Fiber is utilized in nearly every competitive sport on the planet, from F-1 cars to tennis rackets and bicycles. GOG has brought the light weight and strength of Carbon Fiber to paintball as no one has ever done before.  This carbon fiber is no gimmick, it is pure performance offering all the advantages of the aluminum Freak with half the weight. There are no fillers in the carbon fiber weave it is solid the whole way through the barrel’s construction, taking full advantage of carbon fiber technology. The Freak Carbon is the highest quality carbon fiber barrel paintball has ever seen.



All the Freak – Half the Weight

The Freak Carbon gives you all the advantages of the Freak System at a fraction of the weight. Using the same aluminum inserts as the rest of the Freak paintball barrel line, the Freak Carbon fiber weighs in at just 0.1610lbs (73 grams).

Because of the high quality carbon fiber used in its construction, the Freak Carbon can utilize full sized porting not found on other “carbon fiber” barrels. Full sized porting means this doesn’t shoot like a carbon fiber barrel, it shoots like a FREAK.

GOG Carbon Freak Thread Adapter

Adapt to Thrive

The Freak Carbon thread adapters make it not only the lightest but one of the most affordable interchangeable barrel systems on the market. With options for most popular markers the Freak Carbon can be the first and last barrel you ever need.

Each adapter is counter threaded so you can quickly remove one and replace it with another to let your Freak Carbon paintball barrel fit all the markers in your gear bag. And at less than $15 each, you can easily afford to get one for each marker.

GOG Freak Borematching

Bore-matching – For accuracy

The Freak offers a comprehensive selection of bores, each honed to a incredibly smooth finish. By bore-matching your paintballs have a more linear path down your barrel which leads to more accuracy and less ball breakage.

When a barrel is over-bored the ball moves around as it travels down the barrel. As the ball collides with the sides of the barrel, unneeded spin and unnecessary friction impacts the ball reducing accuracy and weakening or even breaking the shell.

When a barrel is properly bored, the ball fits snugly fits inside the bore. Since the paintball fits the bore of the barrel, the ball is propelled straight out of the barrel with maximum accuracy and minimal friction.

Accuracy is the most important feature of a paintball barrel, and the bore matching of The Freak System is the most accurate barrel available.

Freak Inline and Freak Junior

Freaks for Every Budget

Not ready for the Freak Carbon? The Freak System has an option available for everyone.

The Freak Inline lets you jump right in with its rugged finish and one piece construction, and even includes your first insert .689

The Freak Junior lets you start with the basics, and upgrade as you go available as a barrel with one insert or as a mini-kit with the Freak Case and 3 Inserts.

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