GOG Boremaster Freak Insert Kit - New Case

Boremaster Kit – Insert Kit and Case

The Freak Insert is at the literal core of the Freak barrel system.  Paintballs can change size from thousands of variables; temperature, humidity, elevation, storage conditions and manufacturers to name a few. The interchangeable bore system allows players to adapt to whatever paintball throws at them. GOG offers these inserts in both aluminum and stainless steel both with outstanding internal honing.

The boremaster kit gets you 8 of the most common bore sizes and a rugged case to carry them in, the case also holds two freak tips and a back.

NOTE – Stainless Steel Not Pictured Above


Freak Inserts SS and Aluminum

Available in Stainless or Aluminum

The aircraft grade aluminum Freak insert is the perfect balance of weight and durability. The honed internal finish is protected by top quality anodization. The 8 inserts in an aluminum boremaster are:  .679 / .682 / .684 / .687 / .689 / .691 / .693 / .695

The stainless steel Freak Insert is the toughest interchangeable bore available for paintball. The Stainless  boremaster kit includes:   .677 / .679 / .682 / .684 / .687 / .689 / .691 / .693

Freak Front Colors

Just The Tip of the Freak

The Freak has over 200 configurations, so chances are we have what you need!

The Freak has two aluminum fronts, in four different colors. The Freak Front features four rows of straight line porting, and for more slotted ports at the muzzle, protecting your paintball while equalizing air pressure. The All American tip is the barrel porting that started it all, the most trusted design in the history of tournament paintball. The spiral porting equalizes air pressure as your paintball travels down the barrel. A long standing favorite for its low sound signature and straight trajectory.

GOG has also brought top quality carbon fiber to the world of paintball in both a Freak Front and Full Carbon Barrel both sporting the legendary All American Porting.

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